A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most popular draught beer in Iceland for some years, Viking Lager, is now also available in cans. It is pleasantly mild with a slightly sweet flavor. Less filling and more refreshing than many other beers, Víking Lager has an alcohol content of 4,5%, making it ideal for those who prefer a medium-strength beer with less bitterness.

Víking Golden lager is an internationally recognized quality beer that has received Monde Selection gold medals in 1992, 2002 and 2003. It has an alcohol content of 5,6% by volume and is brewed using a large quantity of hops to give it its much coveted bitterness.

Brewed using a special method that leaves almost no residual sugars, Víking Lite contains a third fewer calories than ordinary beer, making it ideal for those who wish to enjoy a fine beer with limited carbohydrates. Viking Lite has an alcohol content of 4,4% by volume.   A mild and refreshing beer, best drunk ice-cold.

Víking Classic is a Vienna style beer with golden amber colour.   It has a medium body and firm enough hop bitterness to provide a balanced finish. Taste is malty and with some toasted notes . Balancing sweetness and a hint of caramel in the aftertaste.

Víking Strong lager has an alcohol content of 7%, making it the strongest beer in the Víking range. It has a pale golden colour with little bitterness and the slightly sweet savour of malt.   Víking Sterkur is popular because of its pleasantly mild character which is retained despite its high alcohol content.

Víking Christmas beer has been the best seller in Iceland for many years.  This Marzen Vienna style beer was first introduced in 1990.  It has golden amber colour and taste notes of malt,  burnt sugar and caramel.  The brewing takes longer time due to low heat secondary fermentation after main fermentation is finished.  Due to this method the beer has better balance and body.

Viking Easter beer has been brewed since 1990, it is a South-German Dunkel style beer. The brewmaster uses four types of malt to gain more fill and hint of chocolate, coffee and caramel. Viking Easter beer has medium bitterness and a hint of roasted flavors.

Víking Þorrabjór style has changed from year to year in past couple of years. The brew master brings something new and special each year.

Víking Malt is a sweet malty drink with taste of liquorice and caramel.   It is low carbonated with dark brown color and quite foamy.

Víking Hátíðarblanda is a traditional Icelandic Christmas blend of Víking Malt and Hátíðarappelsin (Orange soft drink).   It has a malty taste with hint of orange.   This blend is very popular around Christmas and Easter in Iceland.

Víking Ölgerð is a sub brand to Víking.   Our brewery has a long tradition with its roots back to 1939 when the brewery was established in Siglufjordur in the Northern part of Iceland.   Later on it was moved to Akureyri where it is currently located.  Víking Ölgerð focuses on brewing speciality beers, more off the beaten track.   Víking Ölgerð is the only brewery in Iceland certified to brew organic beers.

Our Stout was first produced in 2008 and was the first Icelandic Stout.   Dark, roasted aroma, espresso beans, dark chocolate and cocoa are words that can be used to describe our Stout.   It is intense in texture and character, yet relatively easy drinking and balanced.

Pils Organic is a South-German Bavarian style beer. Golden pils beer with a slight mist to it with rich head.   Flowers, grass, hint of dough and spices.   A beer with distinctive floral hoppyness, medium bitterness and good balance. The production of Pils Organic is certified organic.